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MUSALASS PRODUCTIONS: is an afghan production company, which is located in Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan.

M.P is one of the growth, fresh beginnings, inspirations and with new ideas, which has recently started to improve the media-work in Afghanistan with higher technologies equipment’s on international level in different categories.

Records and Accomplishments:

MUSALASS PRODUCTION, Has worked with great Private companies and some government sectors, e.g. Esser Nabizada groups, Onyx, 1tv, Shora-e-aali sulh etc… And has been involved in most of the different promotional videos for different organs.


• Promotional videos
• 3D animations
• Editing
• Com-positing
• Motion graphics
• Print (brochures, flayers, posters) etc..
• Point of sale materials
• Outdoor
• Copyrights, Description, Pre-production
• scriptwriting
• storyboards
• casting
• scheduling
• equipment
• costume
• props
• Production
• shoot
• crew
• Post production
• audio (music and dubbing)

Customer Service and Support:

MUSALASS PRODUCTIONS works to ensure campaign strategies are aligned with creative needs. M.P has a team of in-house artists and designers who specialize 3D animation, VFX, print as well as a suite of other services.

The creative team works closely with account managers, producers and clients to ensure the brief is appropriately executed into a quality and effective product which integrates key messages in a dynamic and innovative way.

we do ...

(+93) 775759414

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(+93) 775759414

Kabul Market Project

Exterior 3D design of Kabul Market done by MMP.

World Bank Conference

The world bank event conference covered by MMP.

Paghman Palace Project

3D Architecture design of Paghman Palace done by MMP.

Advertisement VFX

Pocket-X mp3 promotion.


(+93) 775759414


(+93) 775759414